Success Stories

Client Spotlight – United Health Partners

      Bayou Microfund helped United Health Partners Raise $10,000 through Kiva in 10 days! Kiva Funding Link: About United Health Partners: United Health Partners was founded in April 2016 to improve the health of under-served youth in the Houston area. We provide vaccinations, health screening, consultation, and more to

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Client Spotlight – Ronnie Blaine, Uber Driver

With all the business success we hear about in microfinance, it can be easy to forget that people’s livelihoods and personal successes are ultimate goals of economic development. Ronnie’s story reminds us of this, as we can see how the Bayou Microfund helped bring his business—and his dreams—back to life. Bayou Microfund founder

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Sweet Foods

Client Spotlight: Once Upon a Praline

Once Upon a Praline Loan amount: $5,000 Website: Resilience: It’s not something you can find on a balance sheet, but it’s a small business owner’s most important asset. And at the Bayou Microfund, we think that each one of our clients has it in abundance. Take, for example, Lynn Kelly.

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Client Spotlight: Dandelion Café

Dandelion Café Loan amount: $10,000 Location: 5405 Bellaire Blvd. Bellaire,TX 77401 Website: Houston’s abundance of small business resources makes it fertile soil for entrepreneurs, but as any gardener would tell you, it’s the hard work—not the environment—that truly helps something grow. Sarah Lieberman, the owner of Dandelion Café in Bellaire, is a

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Client Spotlight: Sweet Luxuries Bakery

Loan amount: $5,000 Location: 2612 Scott Street Houston, Texas 77004 Website: Phone: 832-413-1625 You might not believe it, but the lemon bars, cakes, and other Sweet Luxuries treats featured in cafés and stores around Houston weren’t just made that morning—they’ve been in the works for almost 15 years. It was back

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Client Spotlight: Houston Panini & Provisions

Start Date: May 2014 Original Investment: $25,000 $5000 Kiva + $20,000 investment Current employees: 6 Customers per day: 50-60 Location: 1727 W 34th St, Houston, TX 77018 Website: Phone: 713-681-4500 The customers of Houston Panini & Provision have taken a serious liking to the restaurant and its cofounders Alex

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